Frequently Asked Questions About DUI in Pennsylvania

What is the legal limit to be considered driving under the influence in the State of Pennsylvania?

The legal limit in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is .08 % BAC.

What will retaining the services of Carmody & Ging cost?

The cost of hiring our firm varies. Factors in determining the cost of representation include the circumstances of your arrest and your case, whether you are eligible and accept ARD, how many prior DUIs you have and the County of your arrest.

My driver’s license is going to be suspended. When will this suspension begin?

You will typically receive notice of your suspension after your final hearing. If you are pleading guilty, you may be able to turn in your license at your guilty plea.

Will my DUI charge permanently be on my criminal record?

It depends. If you complete the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program, you may be able to have the entire incident expunged or removed from your criminal record. A DUI conviction will stay on your record permanently.

Can I pick which chemical test I participate in?

Typically, no. The police officer initiating the stop will choose the chemical test and unless you have a medical condition, you should participate in whatever chemical test is asked of you. If you are uncooperative or you do not have a medical condition, you may face penalties for refusing to participate in a test at all.

Am I entitled to talk to an attorney prior to submitting to a breath or blood test?

No. The laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania do not allow for representation at this stage. Insisting on an attorney may result in a refusal.

This is my first DUI offense. What happens from this point forward?

Typically a Preliminary Hearing will be scheduled first. This is the most important hearing you will have prior to trial.

I’m a licensed professional. How will this impact my career and will I face any additional penalties?

A DUI conviction can have serious long term effects on one’s career, as well as reputation. For more information regarding specific professional licensure consequences, please to the section, Licensed Professionals.

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