About Us

Our mission is to assist clients in the legal process as they recover from injuries and losses without delay. We represent consumers, small businesses, the injured and municipalities in the state of Pennsylvania.  As a full service law firm staffed by client-focused attorneys, we diligently represent your rights through litigation.  We serve Western Pennsylvania and counties west of Harrisburg.

We recognize the significant hardships that are imposed upon victims and their families as a result of the wrongful acts of others.  We work to relieve the anxiety concerning victims of medical negligence, automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, worker’s compensation claims, or others who have been wrongfully injured by the acts or products of others.

We also represent businesses and consumers who have been defrauded by the wrongful acts of others. We practice in the areas of securities litigation, creditors’ rights, and asset retrieval. We understand the importance of a promise and will enforce that promise on behalf of consumers and small businesses.

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