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Construction work is constantly being done on Pittsburgh’s highways, bridges, tunnels, sewer systems, trees, and utility locations. A lot of the work is done with steel, aluminum, and other materials manufactured right here in Pittsburgh. Infrastructure work continually makes Pittsburgh a better place to live. There are dangers through. The construction companies that do roadway work need to ensure that drivers are directed away from the site and that their own workers are safe.

At Carmody and Ging, Injury & Accident Lawyers, our Pittsburgh work zone accident lawyers understand the laws and regulations that govern public and private roadway work. We understand the standard safety practices that construction companies for every type of roadway work (whether it’s high in the sky, level with the ground, below ground, or over water) must use to ensure everyone’s safety. Our personal injury lawyers fight for employees, contractors, drivers, and passengers who are injured in a Western Pennsylvania roadway accident.

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How often do work zone accidents happen?

According to Work Zone Barriers, deaths in work zones reached a 16-year high in 2020. There were an estimated 102,00 work zone accidents, causing 45,000 injuries and 857 deaths – even though there were lower traffic volumes due to COVID. The Governor's Highway Safety Association (GHSA) projected that many of the fatalities involved pedestrian fatalities – road construction workers, maintenance workers, utility workers, and planning/survey workers. 

For the first quarter of 2022, the US Department of Transportation estimates a strong increase in nationwide work zone fatalities. Further, a 2022 survey found that 64% of highway contractors reported work zone crashes.

What causes Pittsburgh work zone accidents?

Construction work creates havoc for both drivers and construction workers. There are inherent dangers when cars that weigh several thousand pounds speed down the highway. Construction companies need to take proactive steps to prevent accidents from happening on Pittsburgh’s roads, highways, and streets. 

Common dangers include:

  • The risk that the driving public may get too close to the construction site before they realize work is taking place.
  • The construction site usually needs to close at least one, maybe more, lanes of travel.
  • The signs, barricades, markers, and dividers used to alert drivers to construction work may not be clear and timely.
  • The construction site area must be well lit – construction work at night is extremely dangerous.
  • Vehicles need to quickly adjust their speed.
  • Trucks and machines are continually moving in and out of the construction site.

The roads near the construction site are usually being repaired or expanded. This means they are often uneven, stropped, filled with gravel, recently tarred, or otherwise dangerous. All these dangers are manageable and work zone accidents are preventable – but only if the construction owners take proper precautions and continually monitor traffic.

How can companies prevent Pittsburgh work zone accidents?

Our Pittsburgh work zone accident lawyers review whether the responsible parties used the following safety protocols:

  • The construction routes should be designed so drivers don’t have to make quick decisions.
  • There should be clear warning signings that explain when and where drivers need to change lanes or follow detours.
  • The cones should be placed so it’s clear where a motorist can and can’t drive.
  • Barricades should control traffic, not create traffic problems.
  • There should be paths for trucks to bring and remove trailers to the construction site safely.
  • There should be shoulders and safe spaces for workers to do their job.

Construction companies should follow any federal, state, or local guidelines such as those issued by the Federal Highway Administration. Construction companies should also comply with industry-wide standards.

How can drivers prevent work zone accidents?

Many workers are injured because drivers fail to slow down or follow construction signs and safety measures. The occupants of other vehicles may also be injured if a car or truck fails to drive safely, Motorists at work zone sites may be liable for car accidents if they:

  • Speed or fail to reduce their speed quickly enough. Most construction sites set lower speed limits.
  • Drive while distracted. Drivers who text while they drive or talk while they driver are likely to get in an accident because they fail to see the warning signs, dividers, or cones until it’s too late to slow down or shift lanes.
  • Merge improperly. Most highway construction work requires that drivers merge one lane or even two lanes over. Some drivers don’t let other drivers merge. Some drivers let everyone merge. Some drivers drive too close to the work zone and have to slam the accelerator in order to merge. Improper merges can cause catastrophic accidents.

Shifting lanes and avoiding work zone sites can become even more dangerous when the roads are slick, or the sun glare is too strong.

Who is liable for my Pittsburgh work zone accident?

At Carmody and Ging, we work with many people – investigators, the police, eyewitnesses, and those involved in the accident – to show how your Pittsburgh work zone accident happened and who’s responsible. The defendants may include:

  • The construction site owners, engineers, and contractors. These companies and people can be liable if they failed to take proper safety measures and to regularly monitor the work zone site.
  • Drivers. At-fault drivers who fail to comply with the construction site instructions may be liable. Construction trucks, bulldozers, and other vehicles can also cause a worker to be injured or killed.
  • A state agency/entity or a local government agency. Most construction work requires approval from the government or a government agency such as the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. The government may even initiate the request for construction work. The government/entities can be responsible if they failed to act according to design, safety, and maintenance protocols.

Other defendants may also be liable, depending on the circumstances of your accident.

What type of claim should I file for my work zone accident?

Our Pittsburgh work zone accident lawyers handle every type of accident and injury claim. These claims include:

  • Personal injury claims. Drivers, passengers, contractors, and pedestrians can file a personal injury claim seeking compensation for their financial and personal damages, including pain and suffering.
  • Workers’ compensation claims. Construction employees can file a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation claim for their medical bills, temporary disability, and permanent disability. If a loved one died, the family can seek workers’ compensation death benefits.
  • Wrongful death claims. The families of loved ones who die in a work zone accident can file a wrongful death case.

There may be some limitations on personal injury claims if a driver has limited tort coverage. Our attorneys can explain more in a consultation.

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Do you have a work zone accident lawyer near me?

Carmody and Ging is located at 801 Vinial Street in Pittsburgh, on the 3rd floor of the Deutschtown Center building. Our office is across the street from Penn Brewery. We offer parking onsite. You can also reach us by bus – just get off at the Troy Hill Road stop and we’re around the corner. We can also discuss your claim through a video conference. If you’re immobile, we will meet with you at a hospital or another healthcare facility.

You have rights. If work zone construction companies violate their duty of care, we have the experience and resources to help you file the correct type of claim and seek the compensation you deserve.

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Work zone accidents are often catastrophic because vehicles or heavy equipment are involved. Most Pittsburgh work zone accident victims require emergency room care, surgery, and long-term rehabilitative care. At Carmody and Ging, we have earned the respect of former clients and insurance adjusters for our dedication to our clients and record of strong settlements and verdicts. Our lawyers are Pittsburgh lawyers. Pittsburgh is where our roots are, where our families are. To schedule a free consultation with an attorney today, please call 412.281.2929 or fill out our contact form

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