Pittsburgh Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Pittsburgh Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Strong legal advocacy for cyclists who suffer serious injuries


There are many different types of bicycles Pittsburgh residents enjoy. There are children’s bikes and adult bikes; bikes with one gear, and bikes with many gears. There are mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes, and many others. Riders enjoy bicycles for exercise. For children and adolescents, bicycles are a way to see their friends and attend school. Some families take bike rides together. Whatever the type or the reason for riding a bicycle, motorists need to be alert. Bicyclists have certain rights of way on many of our local streets and roads.

At Carmody and Ging, Injury & Accident Lawyers, our Pittsburgh bicycle accident lawyers understand why bike accidents happen and what steps drivers should have taken to prevent the collision. We verify all your injuries with doctors, including the medical care you’ll need, the complications that may arise, your pain and suffering, and all the ways your injuries have changed your life. Our lawyers also work with parents, spouses, and children when you tragically lose a loved one in a bicycle accident in Western Pennsylvania.

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How common are fatal bicycle accidents?

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 1,000 bicycle riders die and 130,000 riders are injured each year. The age group with the most fatalities are 55-69 years old. The age group with the most ER visits are 10-24 year-olds. Nearly two-thirds of bicycle deaths occur away from intersections, partly because cars and trucks are traveling slower at intersections. About one in three bicycle deaths are due to drunk driving or drunk riding. The CDC emphasizes that helmets and obeying the local bicycle laws do make a difference.

In most cases, if a bicycle and a car collide, the bicycle rider will be crushed or fall to the ground.

Bicycle Accidents

What are Pennsylvania’s bicycle laws?

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation provides the following information about bicycle helmets and bicycle laws:

  • “Pennsylvania's Vehicle Code considers ‘pedalcycles’ as vehicles and provides that every person riding a pedalcycle upon a roadway shall be granted all of the rights and responsibilities applicable to a driver of a vehicle, with certain exceptions.”
  • Bikes can be ridden on the shoulder of the road in the same directions as traffic.
  • Bikes can be ridden on the right half of the highway if certain conditions apply – such as multilane roadways and two-lane roadways (on the right side).
  • Bike riders can ride two abreast in a lane.
  • “Motor vehicles must allow 4 feet of distance when overtaking a bicycle and travel at a careful and prudent speed. It is the motorist’s responsibility to provide this distance, not that of the cyclist.”
  • “No person shall open any door on a motor vehicle unless and until it is reasonably safe to do so and can be done without interfering with traffic flow.”

There are specific rules for bicycle equipment, riding on sidewalks, and obeying traffic signals. Bicycles are not permitted on freeways. Riders under 12 must wear a helmet, but helmets are encouraged for all cyclists.

What are common causes of Pittsburgh bicycle accidents?

At Carmody and Ging, our Pittsburgh bicycle accident lawyers hold the at-fault driver accountable by working to show just how and why your accident happened. Some of the common causes of bicycle accidents are:

  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Driving while distracted, including texting or talking on a phone while driving
  • Driving while tired
  • Driving too fast for traffic or weather conditions
  • Violating Pennsylvania traffic laws, including laws against speeding
  • Failing to honor the right of the bicycle rider to share the road
  • Backing into roads without looking for bicycles
  • Failing to keep roads in good repair

Bicycle accidents in Pittsburgh may also be due to defective bicycle parts or defective car parts such as defective brakes.

What types of bike injury claims do your Pittsburgh lawyers handle?

Our personal injury lawyers understand how devastating serious injuries are. You worry if your health will ever improve. Who will pay your medical bills? What happens if complications develop? We represent victims who have:

At Carmody and Ging, our bicycle accident lawyers speak with you and your medical team to understand the full scope and severity of your injuries.

Bicycle Accidents

Who is liable for a Pittsburgh bicycle accident?

The defendants who are usually liable for a bicycle accident include car drivers, truck drivers, other vehicle drivers, the owners of the vehicle involved in the accident, and manufacturers of defective parts. Sellers of alcohol may also be liable.

Our lawyers understand which insurance covers your claim. Normally, the liability insurance of the defendant covers your claim. Your UM/UIM coverage may also provide coverage if the defendants don’t have enough insurance to cover your damages

What is the value of my Pittsburgh bicycle accident case?

Our Pittsburgh bicycle accident lawyers discuss your medical condition with you and your physicians. We review your lost wages with you and your employer. We detail all your damage from the date of accident and for as long as you suffer financially or emotionally. Many victims need help for the rest of their lives. We seek compensation for all your:

  • Medical bills
  • Income and benefit losses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Loss of life’s pleasures, loss of function, and loss of consortium
  • Property damage

We seek punitive damages in some cases, such as if the driver was intoxicated.

We can also file a wrongful death claim on behalf of the parents, children, and spouse of a loved one who dies in a Pittsburgh bicycle accident.

Are there time limits for filing a bicycle accident claim in Pittsburgh?

If you were injured or a loved one was killed in a Pittsburgh bicycle accident, the claim must be filed within two years from the date of the accident. We recommend strongly that you contact us immediately so we can investigate your claim, answer your questions, and place the defendants on notice. We also need to speak with your doctors as soon as possible.

Personal Injury

Do you have a bicycle accident lawyer near me?

Our Pittsburgh bicycle accident lawyers meet clients at our office located at 801 Vinial Street in Pittsburgh, on the 3rd floor of the Deutschtown Center building. We’re right across the street from Penn Brewery. You can park onsite. You can also take the bus to the Troy Hill Road stop; we’re around the corner. If you’re not mobile, we’ll make arrangements to meet you away from the office. We also conduct video conference meetings.

Our lawyers handle bicycle accident claims on a contingency fee basis. That means we only receive compensation if your case settles or there is a verdict in your favor.

Pittsburgh bicycle accident lawyers with the experience and resources you need


We know you have lots of questions. You’re concerned about your health and your living expenses. At Carmody and Ging, we understand serious injuries are overwhelming, both financially and mentally. Our lawyers are skilled at filing claims, negotiating settlements, and trying cases before juries. We’re strongly connected to the Pittsburgh community. To schedule a free consultation with an experienced Pittsburgh attorney, please call 412.281.2929 or complete our contact form. Proudly serving the injured in Western Pennsylvania.

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