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Drinking and driving is irresponsible, illegal, and dangerous. Yet it remains a leading cause of fatal accidents nationwide and in Pennsylvania. When a drugged or drunk drive causes an accident that results in injury or death, that driver should be held accountable for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain.

At Carmody and Ging, Injury & Accident Lawyers, our Pittsburgh drunk driving lawyers understand the unique challenges in holding others liable for their disregard of the law. For 30 years, we’ve been fighting for injured drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and bicycle riders. We coordinate your civil case with any criminal charges. We work with the police to confirm the driver who struck you was driving while impaired. Our lawyers have an impressive record of settlements and verdicts – including a $1.2 million dollar settlement in a drunk driver/dram shop wrongful death case. Call us today to get started.

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How deadly are drunk driving accidents?

According to the Pennsylvania DUI Association, 9,380 accidents statewide in 2020 were alcohol-related, causing 293 deaths. Nearly 17% of the drunk driving deaths involved young drivers aged 16-20. More than two out of five drunk driving deaths – about 40% – were caused by drivers aged 31-35. More than one in four traffic fatalities in 2020 was an alcohol-related death. Nearly nine in 10 of the fatalities involved drivers and passengers in the car driven by the impaired driver. On average, 13 people were hurt each day due to an alcohol-related accident.

What injuries result from drunk driving accidents in Pittsburgh?

Drivers who are drunk cause some of the most serious accidents such as head-on crashes, broadside accidents, and multi-vehicle crashes. At Carmody and Ging, our Pittsburgh drunk driving lawyers represent victims who suffer any type of serious injury including:

  • Internal organ damage and internal bleeding
  • Heart attacks
  • Crush injuries
  • Vision or hearing loss
  • Dental injuries
  • Scarring and disfigurement

Victims of drunk driving accidents in Pittsburgh often require surgery and long-term rehabilitation. Many victims live with constant physical and emotional pain. In the most tragic cases, a beloved spouse, parent, or child dies due to a drunk driver.

How does alcohol affect the ability to drive?

The University of Michigan Health states that a “drink” is defined as 12 ounces of 5% alcoholic beer, 5 ounces of 12% alcoholic wine, or 1.5 ounces of 40% (80 proof) liquor.

Bicycle Accidents
  • A .02 blood alcohol content (BAC) level is two drinks. Drivers at this level have difficulty
    performing two tasks at once and have poor judgment.
  • A .05 BAC level is three drinks. Drivers at this level have a reduced ability to track other objects, difficulty steering, and slower reaction times. This is typically the “legal limit” for commercial drivers in Pennsylvania.
  • A .08 BAC level is four drinks. Drivers at this level have a lack of speed control, short-term memory loss, and a reduced ability to concentrate. This is the “legal limit” for most drivers in Pennsylvania.
  • A .10 BAC level is five drinks. Drivers at this level have difficulty staying in the same lane, a reduced ability to brake, and a clear deterioration of reaction time.
  • A .15 BAC level is seven drinks. Drivers at this level are basically asking to have a drunk driving accident. They cannot concentrate, maintain lanes, or react to changes in the road. They are also at risk of falling asleep behind the wheel.

How does a criminal case impact my civil drunk driving case in Pittsburgh?

In Pennsylvania, a driver can be charged with a DUI if his/her BAC is .08 or more or if the driver’s ability to drive is impaired. If the driver that caused your accident is charged with a criminal offense, the criminal case is usually tried first. It may be possible to use the conviction in your civil case. It is usually possible to use the evidence such as a breath test in the civil case. We coordinate your civil case with your criminal case.

It is not necessary for there to be a criminal case to secure compensation in a civil claim. Our Pittsburgh drunk driving lawyers understand how to show a driver was intoxicated at the time of your accident, and the burden of proof is different for civil claims than in criminal cases. Even if the DUI is dismissed entirely, you can still be successful in a personal injury lawsuit against a drunk driver in Pittsburgh

Is anyone besides the driver liable for a drunk driving accident?

At Carmody and Ging, we file claims against all responsible defendants. In addition to the driver, some of the liable parties may include:

  • The owner of the vehicle operated by the driver if the driver didn’t own the car.
  • An employer of the driver if the driver was on duty at the time of the accident.
  • A seller of alcohol if the driver was visibly intoxicated at the time of the sale of the alcohol and the intoxication caused the accident. Our firm has experience in “dram shop” claims like these.

Other defendants may also be liable.

Personal Injury

What is the value of my drunk driving claim in Pittsburgh?

At Carmody and Ging, we understand how much your life changes after an accident. We demand compensation for all the damages you deserve. We pay attention to all the small details that often add up to large recoveries. Our lawyers carefully and methodically verify all your damages including all your current and future:

  • Medical bills. These expenses include ER care, surgeries, hospital stays, doctor visits,
    rehabilitative care, psychological help, assistive devices, and medications.
  • Lost income and benefits. This amount includes a permanent inability to work.
  • Pain and suffering. This compensation is for all your daily aches, pains, anxiety, depression, and other aches.
  • Scarring and disfigurement. Many drunk driving victims suffer as much emotionally as they do physically.
  • Property damage. Your car, truck, or motorcycle may be damaged. The drunk driver should pay for the cost to fix or replace the car.
  • Other damages including loss of bodily function, loss of life’s pleasures, and loss of consortium.

We may also seek punitive damages against drunk drivers.

Do you have a drunk driving lawyer near me?

Carmody and Ging is located at 801 Vinial Street in Pittsburgh, on the 3rd floor of the Deutschtown Center building. Our office is located across the street from Penn Brewery, and there’s plenty of parking onsite. You can also arrive by taking the bus to the Troy Hill Road stop. If you can’t travel to our office, we do make other convenient arrangements such as setting up a video conference or meeting with you at your home or at a healthcare facility.

We’ll answer all your questions, work with your doctors, investigate your claim, and prepare the strongest case possible.

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Did a drunk driver cause your injuries or the death of a loved one? Carmody and Ging has the experience to help you. Our lawyers are connected to the Allegheny community. We’re trusted by former clients to be strong advocates and to battle the insurance companies. To discuss your rights after a drunk driving accident in Pittsburgh, please call 412.281.2929 or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment. We proudly fight for accident victims in Western Pennsylvania.

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