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The last thing you expect when you go shopping, have a drink with friends, or join a community activity is to be attacked. Yet assaults on Pittsburgh properties happen all too often. Many attacks involve attempts to steal money or valuable possessions. Some attacks occur because the attacker is using drugs or consumed too much alcohol.

Commercial property owners, nonprofit owners, schools, and other property owners have a duty to think through whether an attack on their property is likely, what steps could be taken to prevent the attacks, and how to respond quickly and effectively to any attacks. At Carmody and Ging, Attorneys at Law, our Pittsburgh premises liability lawyers file claims when property owners fail to take steps to protect your safety. We demand compensation for your injuries which are often very serious and can be deadly.

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What are some examples of negligent security?

Property owners need to understand the type of business they run and the communities where the people who use their property live. There are some places that are more likely to have attacks or assaults than others. The assaults don’t have to be intentional. Two teenagers playing around may accidentally collide with an older person, causing that senior to fall.

The places where negligent security attacks happen more than others include:

  • Any place that regularly has financial transactions, especially public transactions. These places include banks, any place where there is an ATM, payday loan offices, and retail stores.
  • Any place that serves liquor. Liquor causes people to do things they might not ordinarily do such as engage in verbal or physical abuse and get into fights. These locations include taverns, hotels, restaurants, sporting venues, and other locations.
  • Any venue where guns or other weapons are likely to be used. These places sadly, these days, include schools and other places where many people congregate.
  • Public places after dark. For example, commuters who use train stations may be subject to an assault if the station isn’t well-lit and isn’t protected by security measures. Parking lots are another place where criminals are more likely to feel comfortable attacking someone.

Another concern for property owners is protecting people from sexual assaults.

What types of injuries does negligent security cause?

Victims of assaults are likely to suffer very serious injuries because force is often the main component of the attack. Common injuries from negligent security attacks include spinal cord damage, broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, heart attacks, traumatic amputation, scarring and disfigurement, and many other injuries.

In tragic cases, a bullet, a fist, or just a fall can cause a beloved family member to die due to a Pittsburgh negligent security attack.

Can Pittsburgh negligent security assaults be prevented?

It is not an excuse for property owners to do nothing and blame assaults on the attackers. If a Pittsburgh property owner invites people onto their property, there are many common-sense and affordable steps that the owner should take depending on the likelihood of an attack including: 

  • Installing video cameras and other technology to record any attacks that occur – and to make clear to attackers that they will be recorded.
  • Making sure their property, inside and outside, is well-lit.
  • Securing access to the property by installing fences, alarm systems, locks, and other methods.
  • Employing security guards and companies that specialize in safety.
  • Explaining to the staff how to respond to any attacks or assaults that may occur and placing those explanations in writing.
  • Making certain that everyone who visits the Pittsburgh property knows where the exits are and knows who to contact if a problem arises.

Just because people commit attacks either due to criminal behavior, viciousness, or just plain ignorance is no excuse for failing to protect the people who use the owner’s property.

Who is liable for a negligent security injury in Pittsburgh?

Property owners owe a duty of care to the people they invite onto their property or give permission to use their property. Shoppers, users of various services, people meeting for social reasons, and others are focused on the goods they want to buy, the services, they want to use, and the people they want to meet. Visitors are not focused on looking over their shoulders constantly to see if there may be problems.

The owners of property make good money from the people who use their facilities. Owners feel enriched by offering the services they do. Pennsylvania requires, in turn, that these owners inspect their property and take precautions so that Pittsburgh residents and visitors to Pittsburgh are safe.

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How can a Pittsburgh negligent security attorney help my case?

At Carmody and Ging, our Pittsburgh negligent security lawyers are skilled at showing why you or a loved one were attacked and what steps should have been taken to prevent the attack. Our investigators physically inspect the site of the incident and speak to every witness who has information about the attack through a formal oral and written question process. We also examine any evidence of prior assaults or complaints about lax security. 

Our lawyers also coordinate your case with any criminal charges that are filed against the perpetrator. This includes speaking with the police who are often called to the scene of any assault. We also review the severity of your injuries, your medical costs, the type of medical care you will need, and all the ways your injuries make your life difficult and agonizing.

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Do you have a negligent security lawyer near me?

Carmody and Ging is located at 801 Vinial Street in Pittsburgh, on the 3rd floor of the Deutschtown Center building. You can find us across the street from Penn Brewery. There’s plenty of parking onsite. If you can’t drive, there’s a bus stop on Troy Hill Road, around the corner. For negligent security victims who can’t travel, we do make alternate arrangements, like setting up a video conference or coming to your home, a hospital, or a rehab facility.

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Any attack is frightening. It’s natural to worry about your health, whether you might have any scars, how you will pay your bills, and if the pain will ever end. The emotional scars of a physical attack can be quite severe. Carmody and Ging is here to help. We’re a local firm with deep ties to the Pittsburgh region. We want you to get your confidence back and your health to be strong. To schedule a free consultation with a tough, respected Pittsburgh personal injury lawyer, please call 412.281.2929 or use our contact form to make your appointment. We treat our clients like family.

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