What Are the Leading Causes of Broadside Accidents?

Broadside Accidents in Pittsburgh Everyday, car accidents pose a nationwide concern, especially impacting cities like Pittsburgh. Among various accident scenarios, broadside collisions are particularly dangerous – and common.

What is a broadside collision?

Broadside car accidents, also called T-bone or side-impact crashes, occur when one car collides with the side of another. The hit can be straight-on (like a “T”) or at an angle. In either case, the resultant injuries are often severe and enduring.

What are the common causes of broadside collisions?

T-bone collisions often occur when the at-fault driver fails to yield the right of way. They’re most common at intersections, but these dangerous collisions can also happen when a driver spins out of control. A scary combination of statistics show a dangerous trend all Pittsburgh drivers should be aware of when approaching intersections.

Running red lights: AAA reports 56 percent of drivers admit to occasionally running red lights and 43 percent of drivers confess to having recently run a red light when they could have safely stopped.

  • Poor weather: Poor weather conditions reduce the inclination to brake in the “dilemma zone” – that moment where a light turns yellow and you have to decide whether to stop or keep going – resulting in more red light violations.
  • Tailgating large vehicles: There is a higher incidence of red light running when following oversized vehicles, possibly due to obscured traffic signals.

Drowsy driving: AAA reported that 41 percent of American road users admit to having fallen asleep behind the wheel. Whether these instances occur on the highway or at an intersection drowsy driving can lead to serious, even fatal injury.

Speeding: According to the latest data from the National Safety Council, 29 percent of all traffic fatalities, totaling 12,330 deaths, were caused by speeding. This reckless behavior makes driving a more dangerous experience for all road users.

Distracted driving: According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), distracted driving contributed to over 29,000 deaths between 2012 and 2020. It’s also a significant factor in running red lights, a behavior with severe consequences.

Side-impact collisions target a car’s weakest point, resulting in serious injuries. The responsible party can be held liable for the considerable damages, and our Pittsburgh car accident lawyers can help. .

What injuries are common in broadside collisions?

Broadside collisions, particularly those impacting the driver or passenger side doors, frequently lead to severe injuries due to limited protection. The NHTSA approximates 3,000 fatal crash-involved cars were broadsided, resulting in wrongful death.

While not all broadside collisions are fatal, their resulting injuries are generally serious and include:

  • Bone fractures: Depending on the force of the impact, people may sustain broken arms, legs, collar bones, or ribs. Occupants who aren’t wearing a seat belt can literally be thrown across the vehicle.
  • Neck trauma. The impact of the collision can snap the vertebrae in the neck, leading to death or paralysis. But it can also lead to a severe case of whiplash, which can damage bones, ligaments, nerves, and more in the neck.
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs): These injuries encompass a wide spectrum of head injuries, ranging from concussions with temporary effects to severe trauma with long-term cognitive impairments or disabilities. TBIs can be caused by the victim’s skull being penetrated by an object or from the brain moving back and forth within the skull.
  • Lacerations from shattered glass: Broken glass can cause deep cuts and abrasions, potentially leading to infections or scarring.
  • Spinal cord injuries: Damage to the spinal cord can result in paralysis or long-lasting neurological deficits, profoundly affecting a person’s quality of life.

These injuries can all have lasting and even life-long repercussions on surviving victims of a broadside accident. Rehabilitation with qualified Pittsburgh occupational, physical and emotional therapists may be necessary for the indefinite future after your or your loved one’s accident. The liable party should shoulder the financial burden of these necessary services.

Can I sue for a broadside collision?

Yes. In broadside collision cases, victims have the legal right to pursue claims for damages related to the accident. Our experienced team of Pittsburgh personal injury attorneys can help after a broadside accident. These cases often involve intricate investigations to establish liability and secure the financial assistance required for a full recovery for you or your loved ones.

Should I sue if I was injured in a T-bone accident in Pittsburgh?

Most car accident cases, whether they are side-impact claims or not, start with an insurance claim. If you were injured in a T-bone accident in Pittsburgh, you should definitely file a claim. We recommend that you let one of our attorneys handle it on your behalf, as insurance companies are notorious for offering lowball settlement offers. Remember: their goal is to make money, not pay it out.

If the negotiations fail, then suing may be your best option. Filing a lawsuit means you are asking the courts to decide the outcome of your case, and sometimes this is enough to get an insurance company to come back to the negotiation table in good faith. As experienced trial attorneys, we know firsthand that this is often the case. One benefit of working with a Pittsburgh car accident lawyer from Carmody and Ging is that we prepare all our clients’ cases for trial. This means that if the courts must get involved, we are ready to move forward at any time.

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