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It’s difficult enough to avoid drivers who speed, drive while texting, operate their vehicle while intoxicated, or drive negligently. You should at least be able to trust the cars you buy and drive will work properly.

If your injuries or the death of a loved one is due to a defective car part, the Pittsburgh injury lawyers of Carmody and Ging, Injury & Accident Lawyers have the experience, advocacy skills, and resources to help you hold manufacturers responsible. We work with experts who can show that a car part was defective due to faulty design, poor workmanship, improper instructions, and failures to warn of possible dangers. Our Pittsburgh auto part defect lawyers will review whether the car part that caused your accident was subject to a recall. We‘ll fight for all the compensation you deserve.

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When are manufacturers liable for car part defects?

Even the most basic cars have numerous mechanical parts. These days, cars also have numerous computer and electrical parts. The more features a car has, the more parts it has.

The duty is on the manufacturer to ensure that these parts work as intended and when you need them the most. Manufacturers are strictly liable for their car parts which means if the parts are found to be defective, and the defect causes an accident, the victims can file product liability claims for their injuries or the death of a loved one.

The burden of safety is on the manufacturer because the manufacturer is in the best position to make the products safe. Manufacturers need to know the best practices and safety standards for their car parts. Manufacturers need to respond to any federal agency recalls of their car parts.

A car part is considered defective if:

  • The design is defective
  • The workmanship is faulty
  • The instructions on how to use a particular part are unclear, missing, or wrong
  • There are not appropriate warnings about how to use the part and what could happen if the part is used improperly

At Carmody and Ging, our Pittsburgh auto defect lawyers work with auto product experts who are skilled at showing why a part of your car was defective, what that defect is, and why the defect caused your accident.

Anyone who is injured by a defective car part has a right to file a product liability claim. Victims may include drivers, passengers, motorcycle riders, pedestrians, bicycle riders, and families of loved ones who died due to a defective auto part.

What are the most common defects that can result in accidents in Pittsburgh?

Our Pittsburgh auto defect lawyers are skilled at handling all types of defective auto parts including:

  • Defective brakes. This defect is among the scariest. If the brake pads, brake drums, or other brake parts fail, the results can be catastrophic.
  • Defective tires. Tires that don’t have the proper tread, blow out easily, or are improperly constructed can cause fatal accidents.
  • Defective airbags. Product liability claims don’t just apply to defects that “cause” accidents. You can file a product liability claim if a safety feature designed to reduce the severity of injuries in an accident doesn’t work as it should. Airbags may be defective if they explode, fail to open, or cause crushing injuries when they should protect you from serious harm.
  • Defective seatbelts. Seatbelts help keep occupants in a car instead of ejecting the occupants. Seatbelts should also prevent drivers and passengers from coming into contact with windshields, dashboards, other parts of the car, and the people in the car. Unlocking the seatbelt should be routine so first-responders can help drivers and passengers who are trapped in a car.
  • Defective door latches. Doors should never open while a car is in motion. Doors should be closed when the lock appears to be closed.
  • Defective computer parts. Computer hardware and software provide many operational and safety features. These benefits come with a price. The manufacturer needs to make sure the technology works, especially in emergencies.
  • Defective roofs. Cars can roll over if they trip over a roadside object, are struck by another car, or for other reasons. The roof should be designed to minimize the impact of a Pittsburgh rollover crash.
  • Defective steering. Many accidents can be avoided if the driver steers out of trouble. If the steering fails you when you need to change lanes, merge, or exit a highway, the occupants of the car may suffer catastrophic injuries or may die.

Defective auto parts also include defective electrical components, defective windshield wipers, and many other defects.

Federal law requires that all vehicles be designed to protect the occupants as much as possible in the event of an accident. This is called “crashworthiness,” and if your vehicle fails in this regard, the manufacturer may be liable for any injuries you sustain.

Who is responsible if an auto defect causes my car accident?

At Carmody and Ging, our Pittsburgh auto defect lawyers normally file three types of product liability claims – a strict liability claim, a breach of warranty claim, and a negligence claim. We file claims against the following defendants:

  • The manufacturer
  • The distributor
  • The sellers
  • Repair companies who failed to correct defective auto parts
  • Any negligent drivers or any other responsible defendants

What is a product recall and how does it affect my product liability claim?

Defective auto parts are subject to recalls by:

Recalls are usually in response to reports of accidents and fatalities made to the NHTSA or the manufacturer.

If the NHTSA issues the recall, the NHTSA will explain to the manufacturer the reason for the recall, and how the manufacturer should respond. Consumers can enter their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) into the NHTSA recall site to determine if any of their car parts have been recalled.

Manufacturer recalls, whether initiated by the NHTSA or the manufacturer, should:

  • Inform the owner what auto part is affected by the recall – what part and what car model
  • Why the part is defective, and what problems may occur if the part is used
  • What remedies are available – such as repairs, replacements, or refunds

Our Pittsburgh automobile defect lawyers use recalls to help show the car part that caused your accident was defective. A recall is not required to file your claim. We also file personal injury claims and wrongful death claims based on the reports and analysis of private auto parts experts that we hire.

Do you have an auto defect lawyer near me?

Carmody and Ging’s office is located at 801 Vinial Street in Pittsburgh, on the 3rd floor of the Deutschtown Center building. The Center is directly across the street from Penn Brewery. There’s outside parking. The Troy Hill Road bus stop is close by. Our lawyers, by appointment, do conduct video conference consultations. We also meet clients, if they’re immobile or ill, at a hospital or their home.

Our lawyers have 60 years of combined experience fighting for personal injury clients. We’ll explain how product liability claims work and guide you through each step of the claims process.

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At Carmody and Ging, we understand how anxious you are about returning to good health, being able to work, and enjoying life. Our Pittsburgh car accident lawyers understand the unique challenges involved with pursuing a product liability claim. We’re skilled at showing the defect that caused your injuries or the death of a loved one, and why the manufacturer should be held responsible. Please call us or complete our contact form to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Pittsburgh auto defect attorney. Our roots are in Pittsburgh. We proudly fight for car accident victims in Western Pennsylvania.

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